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Shiba Inu Feeding and Care

Shiba Inu dogs are generally less of any genetic problems and are resistant to most illnesses. When kept properly, these dogs can live a long and happy life. To achieve this, proper feeding (diet) and care is required. As with any dog breed, make sure you feed your Shiba Inu quality food only, its not a garbage can to take care of your food leftovers.

The best for Shiba Inu dogs is fish, chicken and lamb based food, you should stay away from beef as it is a bit harsh on the Shiba stomach. Good carbohydrate supplements are rice or potatoes. Shiba breeders do not recommend feeding corn to the dogs. If possible, the best is feed your Shibas homemade food using the above mentioned ingredients, but if thats not possible, you can use dry food (kibble) from some high quality producer – always read the label of the dog food, look for above mentioned ingredients. Stay away from cheaper highly promoted commercial kibble, its usually low quality and not good for you animal at all.

shiba bath2

The coat of a Shiba Inu is somewhat special, it includes special natural oils that help the temperature regulation – they keep the dog warm at winter and take care of cooling during summer. Due to this, its really important to take caution when bathing your Shiba. In an ideal case, the dog should be able to keep itself clean. When you simply have to wash your Shiba, make sure you do not use any shampoo or soap. Simply clean the fur with a washcloth and clean weater.


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